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  REFERRALS (More Free Calls)



We have integrated a Referral Bonus for Customers who refers other Customers for our service, first of all your Family, Friends and/or Business Partners will be happy to know that they can call 58 Countries for Free and you will help them to eliminate their phone bills as well, but beside of that, we are paying you $5.00 for each Customer which you have referred for our service.

You need to refer minimum 1 Customer in order to receive your referral fee of $10.00, which will be paid to your Paypal account as soon as they have activated their account.
If you refer minimum 3 Customers for our service "Free Phone Calls and Free SMS", we will upgrade you to affiliate Costumer and you will receive for each Referral $7.50, which will be Paid to your Paypal account.

When you have referred 5 new Customers or more, you become automatically "Agent Customer" of "Free Phonecalls and Free SMS" and by referring minimum 5 Customers you will receive $10.00 for each direct referral that you have helped to save money with "Free Phone Calls and Free SMS" service.

You will be upgraded automatically to "Gold Customer Agent", if you refer minimum 10 Customers to Free International Phone Calls to 58 Countries with for our service.

As a Gold Customer Agent you will receive +$2.50 for each Customer you have referred to "Free Phone Calls and Free SMS" service ADDITIONALLY. You will earn a Total of $12,50 per each new Direct-Customer if you want to enhance your Income!

This way, your income will grow excessively at the same time, because you will have 10 Customers that are referring others automatically.

Here is the list of referral earnings:

0 - 2     Referrals: each $5.00  (Paid to You via Paypal)   

3 - 4     Referrals: each $7.50  (Paid to You via Paypal) 

5 - 9    Referrals: each $10.00 (Paid to You via Paypal)

10 - >  Referrals: each $12.50 (Paid to You via Paypal)

Additionally, we pay you for every Customer, which are referred by your referrals between $1.00 - $5.00 through 7 levels.

We will love to pay you referral commissions, because you do not help only your Family, Friends, Colleagues and Business Partners to eliminate their Phone bills but you help us to grow our business in the Global Market at the same time. 

Here is an example of referral earnings for our Customers, for telling others about our service and help them save on their International Phone Calls as well:

Ref´s              #          Fee                 Total
Direct Referrals: 5 x   $10.00  =          $ 50.00 USD

1st level:        25    x   $5.00  =          $ 125.00 USD

2nd level:     125    x   $2.00  =        $ 250.00 USD

3rd level:      625   x   $1.00  =         $ 625.00 USD

4th level:   3,125   x   $1.00  =     $ 3,125.00 USD

5th level: 15,625   x   $1.00  =    $ 15,625.00USD

6th level: 78,125   x   $2.50  = $ 195,312.50 USD

7th level: 390,625 x   $2.50  = $ 976,562.50 USD

---------------------Total Earnings----------------------- 
   Referral Earning:                 $ 1,191,674.00 USD

This above figure is build with 5 referred new Customers only, through 7 levels deep. 

You can figure this example with any other number of referrals and you will see that you can make a small or big fortune by helping others to save on their phone bills with our service.

Do not underestimate the opportunity of making a small or big fortune by referring Friends, Family members or Business Partners to our service, because you are not selling anything but helping your Friends, Family members and Business Partners to call 58 countries for free! 

        Signup today with Free International Phone Calls; 
               + Access your Fortune at the same time!

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